Laser Hair Removal For Men

September 26, 2021
A shirtless young man with tattoos on his chest looking to the side

If you're a man who wants to get rid of unwanted hair, it's important that you know the different ways that this can be done. Laser hair removal is one of those methods and in today's blog post we'll talk about what laser hair removal is, how it works and how much it costs. In addition to all of this information, I'll also give some tips for making sure your skin is ready for laser treatment as well as other things you should keep in mind before going through with an expensive procedure like this. Read on below!

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

To begin, laser hair removal involves (as the name states) a laser light technology in which the lasers send light pulses of energy directly into the skin, targeting the hair follicles and their roots to destroy them, resulting in the elimination of the hair in that zone. It is a permanent hair reduction that, depending on the area, can take between six to eight weeks, but can vary per man. The chest and back area usually can take about two months apart to notice results, but again, it can vary.

The most common areas for the procedure are the neck, stomach, chest, back, between the eyebrows, backside, and more.

For the laser hair removal for men to effectively work, it must be done on hair in constant growth, with multiple sessions spread out over weeks. It is essential to get the treatment done in certified centers from highly experienced, trained, and certified male medical aestheticians, as well as strictly following their recommendations to a better and rapid recovery to ensure long-lasting results and no damage to the skin.

Photo by Seyi Ariyo on Unsplash

Benefits For Men

Laser hair removal provides incredible benefits related to health, money, and self-esteem. Once the treatment is done, you don’t longer need to worry about waxing or shaving, which saves you money, time, and possible ingrown hairs as well as any skin damage or irritation.

Further, because it takes care of ingrown hairs, it prevents painful lumps from appearing in common after-shaving areas such as the neck, chest, and more. And because it removes a lot of hair, it also reduces the amount of sweat, and consequently, reduces bad smell. Laser hair removal for men allows them to stop worrying about maintaining areas of their body with large quantities of hair and painful razor burns, resulting in completely damaging their skin.

What To Do Before A Session

Most aesthetic centers have almost the same requirements or suggestions for men before any session, but be sure to check with highly experienced, trained, and certified male medical aestheticians following your skin type.

What you must expect from the session is the procedure being explained to you (if not already done in an initial consultation) and approximately the amount of session you’ll need to complete the area and ensure long-lasting results (which depend on the size of the area and the type of skin you have). One of the most common questions men have on the topic is if the procedure hurts, and luckily, laser hair removal pain is minimal. After the session, make sure to pay attention to everything the aesthetician says regarding how to take care of your skin, hydration, and avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, among other things.

Laser hair removal is an effective way to remove unwanted body hair. If you are looking for a permanent solution, laser treatments may be the best option available. Our team of experts can offer personalized service that will help you reach your desired results in just one or two visits. We have experience treating men with all skin types and colours so don't hesitate to contact us if this is something you're considering!