Maircare clinic story

September 30, 2021
A relaxing spa bed

I have been getting waxed (and now lasered!) for many years and like most people, I started off with the ever convenient process of shaving. I'm not a big fan of hair but to be honest, some people can pull it off. Personally, however, I think it smells, inhibits skin sensitivity and if in the wrong places, looks unappealing but that's just my opinion! Shaving quickly progressed to waxing once a friend of mine asked me to be her model for an Esthetics program she was enrolled in. Once waxed, I was forever hooked! However, after the school closed down, I found it impossible to find anywhere that would perform the hair removal services I wanted, so I was left hairy like a Yeti for two long years. I was then passed a number of a gentlemen in downtown Toronto who actually performed Brozilians—a service that was only ever offered to men by knowing someone who knew someone. I mean, this was still the beginning of the 2000’s! It wasn't much longer after receiving the phone number that I finally experienced my first Brozilian—OUCH! If I thought it would always be that painful, bloody and messy, I would never have done it again. I remember the excruciating pain and saw some traces blood with my first Brozilian but put faith in my wax technician to maintain the regimen every 5 weeks until the pain and reactions subsided. Sure enough, after only a few more sessions, the service became at least bearable and the reactions diminished. Its been many years now and I am so at ease with the hair removal process that I sometimes nod off during full body waxes.

I love the smoothness one gets after a fresh wax and thought I would share the thrill of being smooth by helping others who enjoyed being hair free, and like me, could never seem to find a consistent place to get it done. Many men feel out of place in this female dominated industry and undoubtedly skeptical and unsure about walking into a salon to ask if they perform "buttocks waxes" for men, especially when female clients may be sitting in the very same waiting room within earshot. More often than not, it's usually a quick, "sorry, we don't provide male services here"  or "sorry, that's a female only service" and then leave, a little embarrassed, resorting back once again to the shaving regimen and being a prickly pear. That truly is why many men of whom adore being totally smooth resort to shaving (besides the fear of pain)--they don't know where to go and who to ask without feeling awkward or embarrassed and the Kijiji ads often have an understated service that many are just not looking for or leave you questioning hygiene.


I have been waxing myself and my friends for many years but in 2013 I decided to get my Wax Technician certification and shortly thereafter continued my training and completed my Diploma in Aesthetics. Feeling like I wasn’t quite done, I completed my Medical Aesthetic certificate to perform more advanced medical aesthetics.  There is no reason why people cannot enjoy the same services, at the same rates with the same skill, professionalism and care!  

As a result of my humble beginnings, I am even more determined now than ever to provide my clients with the best possible service, in the safest and most sanitary environment that is discreet, friendly and comfortable, and where all clients can feel welcome and at ease and don't feel like they need to break the bank!