How many Laser treatment sessions?

January 12, 2022
Male's arm after 6 laser treatment sessions before and after photo

This is the million dollar question!

There are too many variables to consider that it's virtually impossible to predetermine exactly how many laser sessions it will take to reduce and/or eliminate unwanted hair. However, what may be peculiar to some is how some companies will provide a rough estimate of 10 to 12 sessions for hair removal, sometimes, estimating this amount over the phone even without first inspecting the area (skin type, hair type, treatment history, etc.) How do I know? I spent many years getting cheap Groupon packages, laser promotions, etc. from some very well known clinics and what I have found in hindsight, now that I'm a certified medical esthetician, is that sometimes, these guesstimates are forced to ensure you will take 10, 12 or more sessions. This can be achieved by maintaining a lower strength setting, using the same low setting throughout the treatment plan or simply using a subpar machine as the industry is littered with cheap laser equipment, claiming to achieve the same results as other premium equipment (like MAIR's superior laser machine, SharpLight).

Factors that determine how many sessions one might need

  1. Hair Type: colour, coarseness, density
  2. Skin Type: skin tone, sensitivity, history (past treatments, sunburns, etc.) and current state (tanned, sunburned, etc.)
  3. Frequency: hair grows in various stages and should follow a standard treatment plan to target the hair at it's anagen stage (mature hair) as this is most effective
  4. Equipment: The type of laser the equipment uses is a significant factor in how effective each treatment will be, how deep the laser will penetrate the skin and how frequent to perform

MAIR has been approached by so many unsatisfied clients coming from various other clinics and home salons. While we cannot comment on the reason why the laser treatment offered at other clinics are so poor, what we are confident in underscoring is that MAIR uses cutting edge equipment, proper client evaluation and equipment settings and provide honest and transparent information to keep all clients informed of the procedure at every step of the way. Don't be fooled by believing that paying less is better as we have many clients come to us after 12 and more sessions where the hair has only marginally reduced but no where eliminated.

The attached photo is of a long time client who performed many years of back waxing services. After understanding that laser treatments is ultimately more cost-effective than waxing (as you will find yourself performing the laser treatment services fewer and farther between with ongoing treatment), Husayn had started his laser treatment plan. Husayn did not want his colleagues to know that he was undergoing this kind of cosmetic procedure so stopped the treatment at the short-sleeve line so no one would be the wiser. After only 6 short laser treatment sessions, you can see how much hair has been reduced and eliminated. This photo was taken when he was in performing a waxing service on another body part but schedules a laser treatment every 6 to 8 months. With further treatment, this can be reduced to only once every year or every two years.

The best thing you can do for yourself when consider laser treatment is to canvass many companies. Once you have a short list, research the company, read their reviews, find out what equipment they use (as you'll see them posting in Facebook and Instagram but they will not publicly name their equipment because those who know, will know how good/bad their equipment is) and assess if the discount is truly a discount or the service is just cheap because the machine is cheap and ineffective and if they lose you after doing multiple sessions, there will be another potential client, excited to get the alleged results at bargain discount prices.

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