The difference between Wax vs Laser Hair Removal For Men

September 26, 2021
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What’s The Difference?

In essence, wax hair removal involves a special type of wax, heated to a certain temperature that once applied to the skin and taken off, removes the hair in the area for a few weeks until the hair grows back. Whereas laser hair removal uses a light laser technology that focuses on deteriorating the hair follicles, making them weaker over time, preventing the hair from growing back again.One is a semi-permanent system (wax) in which within a couple of weeks the hair can grow back as before, and the other offers permanent results (laser) after a few sessions. Both provide excellent hair removal benefits but the key difference, besides the method used, is the amount of time those results will last. Further, wax and laser hair removal systems have the same body areas available to remove hair, including the neck, back, shoulders, legs, armpits, below the belt, and more.Whatever method you choose, make sure to invest in quality services from highly experienced, trained, and certified male medical aestheticians.

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How Do They Work?

With wax, an aesthetician will heat the substance to a certain calculated temperature,will scoop it with a disposable stick, and once cooled down a bit, will apply it to the desired area to remove the hair. After a few seconds in which the wax hardens, it will be removed either by hand (always using gloves) or with a fabric strip. It provides smooth-looking skin without any visible hairs, but the follicle remains.As for laser hair removal, a special high-powered laser will begin working in an area attacking the root of the hair and destroying the follicle to prevent the hair from growing back. It requires several sessions to complete but once done, the results can last many months and even years, depending on each person’s skin type.Which One Is Better?The decision is up to the person and the results that he might want to obtain from the procedure. Wax tends to be less expensive but because it allows the hair to grow back, one might have several sessions that can equal the rate for a hair removal service. For those who want a more permanent solution, laser removal is the best option, and for people who might want to just try removing hair in certain areas of their body but don’t want a long-lasting solution than going for a wax service will bring the best results.All in all, make sure to take care of your skin and consult with highly experienced, trained, and certified male medical aestheticians.

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